"Quality and value in one place.  It’s not often you come across both together but that’s exactly what I got!


As a small business owner, I was looking for something special that hits the mark in terms of style, quality and price. Caroline is a reliable partner and her creative eye for design will help you achieve your final product.


She is there every step of the way...very impressive."

Teresa D. from BeZealous

"Caroline did an amazing job designing my website. She took my crazy ramblings of random ideas and put them all together into a colorful, sharp, and easy to navigate design. She explained everything I needed to know to operate the website after it was finished, and was such a pleasure to work with."

Erin M. from Modern Housewife

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C Greco Design is an affordable, professional graphic and web design company in the Greater Cleveland area. We provide services ranging from flyers/print work, logo design, website design and maintenance, and social media development.



Complete the  contact form on our contact page or reach us directly via e-mail at cgrecodesign@gmail.com